About Us

Shapecon Entreprises is an interior design company in Kolkata. There is an affordable modern interior designer in Kolkata that you can hire if you are looking for stylish and elegant interior design. Our services are focused on custom furniture, modular kitchen, false ceilings, flooring, construction and renovation, paint and polishing, electrical work, and plumbing work, all of which are executed by our team of skilled workers, each of whom has a minimum of 4-5 years of experience. As a modern interior decorator in Kolkata, our process of working is flawless, hassle-free, and flexible. You have the option of choosing our design services, where we produce layouts and 3D designs. You can also get the interior design contract done on an affordable budget, where we complete the entire interior design and decoration of your house on a turn-key basis. We also execute the interior design and decoration as per your requirements, and you will have the choice of bearing the cost of the raw materials, providing full transparency. Being an affordable interior designing company in Kolkata, we provide interior wall and floor designing services for homes, offices, showrooms, cafes, hospitals, gymnasiums, salons, etc. Our expert interior designers will design your dream home, be it an apartment or a bungalow. Not only do we make excellent designs for spaces like living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, galleries, and sundeck auditoriums, we also give you the ideal combinations of colour, light, and texture for a space. Our planning and design are as per vastu and recent trends.

House interior design

We believe that the interior design of your home should be an extended part of you, and hence we try to understand you and design spaces that are perfect for your requirements. At Shapecon Enterprises, we concentrate on creating the perfect layout and detailed plans, followed by sophisticated 3D designs for your home’s modern interior design. We also get our expert interior decorators to execute the designs within the timeline. We maintain the perfect balance between the bedroom and living room designs, the dining room, and the bathroom’s interior decoration. We understand that you spend quite a while in your kitchen, and hence we have the perfect designs for modular kitchens as well as custom-made kitchens.

While you look out for an interior design company near you in Kolkata, we stand out because of our panel of educated home interior experts in Kolkata who will visit your address, take measurements, and draught plans keeping in mind your conditions and circumstances. Shapecon Enterprises provides both turnkey as well as consulting interior design services for homes in Kolkata.

Office Interior Design

When it comes to this, we’ve got the most stylish interior decorators near you in Kolkata for your office. Having worked on various office interior projects, our interior designers for offices plan your office space in a way that not only looks elegant and modern but also brings you a fortune with our vastu interior design. As ultramodern office interior decorators in Kolkata, our team focuses on the various offices that may be your workstations, cabins, conference rooms, and staying areas that are in sync with a design language we customise for your space. Lighting is planned to ensure the most optimal position of light at all times. Our office interior decorators have worked with various office interiors, and they nailed it.

Best Restaurant Interior Design

We’ve got the perfect interior design for restaurants. We’ve worked on the largest restaurant interior in the heart of the city. Amongst eatery interior decoration in Kolkata, Shapecon Enterprises has been involved in the interior decoration and implementation keeping in mind the theme, cuisine, position, and front reception. We design the main zone along with the kitchen and other services, giving you a complete design result.

Hotel Interior Design

Our platoon of hotel interior designers near you in Kolkata has worked on a colourful array of projects. Each of these has been designed while keeping in mind the target audience and the budget of the customer. We’re notorious as an interior-design company in Kolkata for executing some of the great hotels. Every interior designer for a hotel has to keep in mind the position and purpose of the hotel. Commercial hotels need specific services that are different from local hotels. All our systems are designed only after a detailed analysis of the design and drawing.

Showroom Interior Design

Visual merchandising is a crucial area of expertise for interior experts to create extraordinary shop interior designs. We try to make sure that your products get shown in the most stylish way possible to attract high sales. Our experts have worked on jewellery, apparel, machines, FMCG, electronics, and other showrooms.

Construction and Renovation

Our team of engineers and designers in Kolkata has in-depth knowledge and experience. We’ve completed many architectural and construction projects in the Kolkata region. Our services include architectural and structural design and drawing, Building plan sanction from KMC and other Municipalities & Panchayat ,Civil Engineering consultancy. Also renovation of an existing building or house is one of the services that we provide. This makes us one of the best engineering firms in Kolkata.